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The Sequel To The Guide That Changed An Industry Is Finally Here...

"And If You Think You Know Everything There Is To Know About Affiliate Marketing, I've Got Two Words For You: THINK AGAIN!"

This Is The Next Step In Becoming A Super Affiliate!

Dear Online Businessman,

The quickest, surest way to earn a living online is through affiliate marketing.

It's a simple fact. But not everyone knows about it.

And for those who do try to succeed with affiliate marketing, a great majority
of them realize that what is quick and sure does not necessarily mean that it's easy. The truth is, affiliate marketing is a field that requires skills.

The First Step Has Been Taken...

And skills are developed by acquiring the right knowledge, first and foremost.

The problem with the resources available online is that they assume too much.

They assume that the readers (who are students in this case) know what those alleged tomes of information are talking about.

They teach you PPC advertising under the impression that you know what PPC stands for. They teach you about follow-up systems without explaining the need for following up. They teach you how easy it is to create web pages on the fly without taking into consideration your proficiency when it comes to web authoring.

This sad state of affairs has made it difficult for novice Internet marketers to make it big in the world of affiliate marketing. There simply isn't any perfect entry-level compendium of the right information needed to succeed as an affiliate.

That is, until Affiliate Marketing Success, Vol. I was released.

Affiliate Marketing Success, Vol. I carried the subtitle "The Basics Of The Fastest Moneymaking Opportunity In The Digital World." It was an appropriate tag.

Affiliate Marketing Success, Vol. I aimed to accomplish the following goals:

Provide a novice-friendly guide on how to succeed with affiliate marketing;

Introduce concepts at a gradual pace, from the basics to the more advanced, to ensure an optimal instructional environment;

Present a comprehensive study on affiliate marketing as a verifiable science which anyone can master and learn;

Implement the lessons in an easy-to-understand, no-fluff manner; and

Inspire people to do their best in the affiliate marketing field.

With the wide acclaim received by Affiliate Marketing Success, Vol. I, it is safe to say that those goals were met, and how!

Affiliate Marketing Success, Vol. I has helped many people realize their grandest dreams through the wonders of affiliate programs. It has shared the tried and tested tactics that guarantee utmost success in this landscape.

Truly, Affiliate Marketing Success, Vol. I is a gem that comes once in a lifetime.

The Problem...

But Affiliate Marketing Success, Vol. I is only made up of so many pages. Even if it included all the proven techniques that would transform its readers into instant affiliate marketing superstars, it failed in one department...

It only discussed the strategies of the present...

... the strategies of the NOW.

Sure, with the tactics that Affiliate Marketing Success, Vol. I has efficiently delineated, you can leave your competition behind and make them eat your dust.

But for how long will you stay ahead?

What if they ride the waves caused by a new generation of affiliate marketing strategies before you do?

Nothing stays the same forever. The tactics that serve us well today may very well become obsolete tomorrow. The winds of change are perpetually upon us.

The question is this...

Are we ready for them?

Web 2.0: The Face Of Change

Web 2.0 was a term coined by O'Reilly Media way back in 2004. It refers to the new generation of online methodologies that are focused on online collaboration and sharing between Internet users. In Tim O'Reilly's own words:

"Web 2.0 is the business revolution in the computer industry caused by the move to the Internet as platform, and an attempt to understand the rules for success on that new platform. Chief among those rules is this: Build applications that harness network effects to get better the more people use them. (This is what I've elsewhere called 'harnessing collective intelligence.').”

Currently, we can safely say that Web 2.0 is in full swing. Based on the definition above, online trends have shifted from automated algorithmic systems to user-driven methods of classification and usage.

Web 2.0 incorporates the new breed of user interfaces and tools that are soon to be prevalent on the World Wide Web. Some of them are actually enjoying a great degree of popularity already.

I'm talking about user-made networks of information like . I'm talking about social networking websites like (which, as studies show, is generating twice the traffic that Google, yes – THAT Google – is getting). I'm talking about social bookmarking websites like . I'm talking about tags as popularly used in websites like

These are the trends of tomorrow. And they have begun TODAY.

Now is the perfect time to capitalize on them, while no one else is exercising what they can offer. Now is the perfect time to put a marketing twist into these channels, while no one else knows where to start. Now is the perfect time to hop aboard the bandwagon and be the pioneer of what should be the dominant manner of web utilization in the very near future.


I know.

There's one question in your mind.


The Herald Of Things To Come

Hence, there is a need for a sequel to the best-selling Affiliate Marketing Success, Vol. I, a new volume that will aim to cover the things that the first installment was not able to tackle.

This second volume promises to be your guide for the times to come. It is as comprehensive as the first volume. It is structured similarly as well, never rushing to advanced concepts, making sure that all the bases are covered before discussing heavy hitting ideas.

This installment is aptly entitled…

Affiliate Marketing Success, Vol. II

Mastering The Trends Of Tomorrow, TODAY!

From the title alone, you can see what this guide is all about.

The World Wide Web is changing. The waves of the future are fast approaching. Affiliate Marketing Success, Vol. II will give you a top-of-the-line surfboard that will help you navigate the coming tide… with ease!

Take a look at the novel and revolutionary subjects you will get to learn inside the pages of Affiliate Marketing Success, Vol. II:

Discover what Web 2.0 is all about and why it is the future of the Internet!

Learn how you can benefit while the World Wide Web shifts from search engine-oriented utilities to user-driven systems.

Know why tags are beginning to replace keywords as the fuel of web utility, and how you can fully use them to your advantage.

Read about social bookmarking and how it can be an amazing way to go around the search engines and generate lots and lots of traffic for your website.

Learn how to properly utilize social networking websites to promote your affiliate marketing campaigns.

Unleash the true power of viral marketing and explode your affiliate marketing business to untold heights of success!

And so much more!

Affiliate Marketing Success, Vol. II is a work that even Nostradamus would be proud of.

No, it doesn't predict the future. Rather, it analyzes the trends that will soon replace the tactics we are practicing today, and it tries its best to TEACH you how to maximize them this early so that your affiliate marketing business will be guaranteed a favorable position in the industry for a long, long time.

So, if you're looking for a learned teacher, a solid partner, and a wise investment for the future, there is only one choice for you…

Affiliate Marketing Success,
Vol. #II

Mastering The Trends Of Tomorrow


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