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If you want to make tons of great ebooks using proven strategies for high profit margins... read on!

If You Have The Idea, For An Ebook Of Your Own...
This Is How To Turn That Idea, Into
A Cold Hard Cash Income
...Let Me Show You How To Market Research And Produce Best Sellers, Using The Best Top Notch Writers, Which I'll Show You How To Find!


Dear Entrepreneur,

I'll bet you have at least one or two great ideas for a book.

Why haven't you written it?

Same old excuses?

"Crunched for time,"
"Not sure you can write well enough,"
"Heard horror stories about how hard it is to get published..."

Any of these reasons sound familiar?

What would you say, if I solved all of those problems and... even gave you solutions to problems you haven't even dreamt up yet?

Crazy? Not at all. Hold onto your hat because I'm about to blow it away!

You see, one of the things I'm known for today, is for making a killing, selling ebooks online. I've sold literally 'virtual' tons of them!

How do I get so much done, and make so much money doing it?

It's very simple, every idea I get, I create a small outline for, research how to market it, and then hire a good writer to fill in the blanks.

Don't think for a moment that you can't do it, until you at least take the time to let me explain how cheap and easy the process is.

Let's begin right now!

The ideas you have (and I know you have them) are awesome... don't let anyone tell you differently. They are yours and yours alone, but is there a market for them?

Well, If there is a market for your idea, how do you find the buyers market?

I know the secret, let me explain.

Today, we have the Internet, this big scary beautiful monster that gathers data on everybody and everything. I call it beautiful because if you're someone who is trying to sell a book or an idea or any sort of information, this wonderful Internet behemoth is your new best friend!

In fact, with the Internet, once you learn how, anytime of the day or night you get an idea, you can open your laptop, figure out how much your idea is worth, and where and how to find the people who are dying to pay you wads of cash, to get a chance to read about it.

You can do this research in your bed while still in your "jammas" or at a wi-fi café with cream cheese on your top lip and a coffee stains on the front of your sweat shirt. The information is there 24-7, 365 days a year!

Best of all thanks to this bawdy little Internet thing, you won't have to pay a red cent to do any of this research! The information you need to know is just there, out in plain sight, as big as the nose on a clowns face. You need only to know where to look and how to interpret the data. It's easy! I'll explain in great detail later.

But for now and for the sake of argument lets assume that your idea for a great book is "How To Catch Snipes". Let's assume you've already done your research you know there's a market. After all, no one seem to be able to catch a snipe but there is no one who knows your secret "snipe baiting ritual". You also know where would be snipe hunters like to hang out and mope about not catching anything.

You my friend, are all set.

"Now That Your Idea Has Been Vindicated"
Now, that you know how good your idea really is, let's move on to turning your dreams into reality!

We know there is a market for your book and we know how to find the people who are looking for it, when it's done.

What we need to do now... is to figure out how to get an actual book written while the irons hot!

You could write it yourself...but first let's consider the alternative.

Hire a ghostwriter!

Wait, (SCREEEECH) before you balk at the idea, you should let me explain, how in another way, the Internet has come to your rescue!

You see, the same way that the Internet has put you in touch with your long lost friends from high school the Internet can put you in touch with a slew of hungry and talented writers from all over the world ready to work cheap for you!

On the Internet you can find just the right writer who can turn your idea into a full length book in a jiffy and bonus...(let you take all the credit for it). All for less than you can probably imagine.

Understand that a good writer can turn out thousands of words in less time than the average person can write a single page.


Because they love to write and do it everyday, remember that practice makes perfect!

Understand also, that being a writer means learning to be competitive, and when you hire via the Internet you literally do have the world at your finger tips, therefore the price of a great writer can drop incredibly low.

Using the Internet you can get writers to compete like arm wrestlers simply for the right to work for you!

Just think...You like a "god" with the ability to auction off the rights to fulfill your dreams.

How does that sound?

Often, hungry writers all over the planet will back bite and undercut each other for a chance to have a job and you'll get to reap the benefits of getting fine literature written for you, at the price of a pair flip flops and bowl of soggy noodles.

Real World Example:

For instance, when you know where to look, (and depending on the subject matter) it's easy to find a great writer who will deftly write a thirty page of report for you, for less than a ten dollar bill. ( Honest, This has happened)

Now, let's say you then take that report which you payed ten dollars for and sell a copy for seven dollars to just one person.

One sale and you've almost made all of your money back!

Each subsequent sale then is just frosting on your cupcake!

"That Last Example, Is Just One Of The Ways,
I've Made A Killing Off Of One Of My Ideas !"

You can do it too!

Of course, you need to find the "right writer" who can turn your idea into a masterpiece, and you'll need know how to explain to him or her your idea so that they can get to work writing your epic!

Caution: You also have to take appropriate precautions to insure that you get your writer to do what you paid for!

Warning: You'll want to doubly and triply make sure that no 'would be' writer can tip toe away (or run like mad) with your great idea!

All of these things I'll be happy to explain! I've been down these roads many times, been there done that, and I am dying to share with you what I've learned along the way!

And so, without further adieu,

Let me introduce to you my very own latest idea for an ebook, one which
shows you how turn your own ideas into an ebook like this one...

E-Book Creation Made Easy!

"How To Create An Information Products Empire
Without Ever Writing One Word"

How Is This For A Twangadoodle!

Just think, before I knew all this stuff, I would of loved an ebook like this.

So, If this ebook would have been your idea, and gotten written following the steps inside my ebook...

I'd be the one buying your ebook, and you'd be the one making a killing! Just think of the possibilities!

So hurry up, and get this ebook to get started making your own ebooks, and start making your own wads of cash!

Here's wud-cha gonna learn!

How to pick your best idea to turn into a ebook

How to understand your market

What is your competitions Achilles heal

Where are your paying customers hanging out

Where to gather data

How to understand the data

Where to find great writers

How to express your ideas to a writer

How to solicit a writer

How to pick the best writer in the bunch

What to avoid when hiring a writer

How to get a writer to work for you for almost nothing

What it takes to protect your ideas

How to get the most out of a writers for the least
Bonus: You get the step-by-step "follow me" section where I actually document each step taken to hire an ebook to be written, start to finish!

Double Bonus: You get my step-by-step check of list to use again and again so you won't miss a thing anytime you decide to turn an idea into a money making best seller!

The steps I show you, to turn your own ideas into ebook mega-profits, are simple and quick to follow.

I'm so sure you'll be satisfied and soon be enjoying your own ebook empire that I'm giving you a 30 full days to try it before you decide.

So, go ahead and take your time, try it out and if at anytime within the first 30 days of purchase you find that this road map doesn't lead you to success, or for any reason, notify me that you would like your money back and I'll send happily return it.

Now that's a One Hundred Percent Guarantee!

YES! I'm Ready To Order

"E-Book Creation Made Easy!"

right this instant!
For $47.00 $27.00

I want to turn my own ideas into gold! I'm ready to publish my dreams schemes and everything in between! Show me how I want to get started right now, today!

(Only $17.00)

I will send you your copy instantly, any hour of the day or night so you won't have to wait to get started.

Before you leave, I want to share with one of the driving reasons I keep striving to publish more and more of my own ideas.

There was a time when I first started making my living on the Internet doing affiliate marketing and AdSense sites and even more complicated things on the web which are even harder to explain.

I remember how, in those days, I could go to a party and when people would naturally ask me what I did for a living, I'd say "I made my living on the web", they would almost always assume it had something to do with the XXX underbelly of the web.

When I tried to explain what I did, there eyes would glass over and then dart around the room looking for an opportunity to end a boring conversation.

I felt like the cowardly lion in the Wizard of Oz when he said, "What have they got that I ain't got?" Courage?

But it wasn't courage that turned the tide.

No, after I had an ebook written and sold it, that was the first time I could tell someone that I was a published writer!

Boy, did ears pick up!

"Oh, that sounds so interesting" they would say, " I wanted to be a writer myself once you know?"

Instantly, I became interesting and the life of the party!

If that's your dream, if you always wanted to be a published author I want you to know that your dream can come true!

In fact you hold the power to accomplish that dream in your hands!

And make a lot of money living it!

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