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The Ezine Publisher's Manual

Everything You Need To Know About Creating Profit-Pulling Digital Newsletters!

"If You Have Not Been Publishing
Your Own Ezine, You're Losing
8,000 Of Your Potential Sales!"

The Gurus Know It And Veteran Online Businessmen Have Come To Realize Its Significance. It's Time That You Should Likewise Discover The Amazing Potency Of Ezines For Your Internet Marketing Endeavors.

Dear Internet Marketer,

By now, you know the importance of having your own follow-up system. As every veteran online businessman will tell you, gold is indeed in your mailing list. It's the magical engine that will generate repeat visitors for your website, sustainable sales for your online business, and guaranteed success for your enterprise in general.

But before you can employ an email marketing campaign, it goes without saying that your mailing list should first be filled up with subscribers.

How are you to do this?

Here's my strong recommendation: publish your own eZine.

Why An Ezine?

Your visitors will not subscribe to your mailing list that easily. They will need something that will motivate them to act.

Some Internet marketers use free eBooks or special reports. Some online businessmen choose to give away other digital products, like a software program, a screensaver, a web hosting subscription, an email account, and the like.

These will be quite difficult to prepare. Additionally, they will also cost you some money. They are better used as viral products, in my opinion, as such is their nature. One visitor may subscribe to your mailing list, but what will stop him from giving away the product to the people he knows, right? Those people won't have to subscribe to your mailing list anymore.

You need something flexible. You need something that can easily be prepared. You need something that you can regularly distribute.

And an eZine, or an electronic magazine, is the answer to all these needs.

An eZine is basically a digital newsletter that you can send out via email. There are many varieties of eZines and all of them have but one purpose: to deliver meaningful, helpful, and informative content for the subscribers.

Why Will Your Subscribers Love An Ezine?

Let's put it this way...

After a daylong shopping spree, have you felt the urge to buy reading material from the bookstore or the magazine stand? Something you can read as you unwind at home?

It's a natural instinct in this day and age. After all, we are in the glory days of what many sociologists have labeled as the Age of Information. We have developed a tendency to read, to devour every bit of information that will come our way. It's the new human condition. It has become an integral part of our nature.

And an eZine is a way to capitalize on this newly emergent need.

As a web publisher who will commit to delivering to your subscribers a digital copy of your eZine within certain intervals, you will be committing to provide for them the information they want to receive. And this is a great way to encourage them to subscribe to your mailing list.

Ezines are one of the best motivators for signups. They are one of the primary come-ons in email marketing.

But that's not all. Ezines can also provide the following benefits:

Ezines are not difficult to prepare. It's an undertaking you can commit to pursue for a long, long time.

Writing and preparing your own eZine can be a very enjoyable experience, one that you may even get addicted to.

Ezines do not cost a lot in terms of financial investment.

Ezines are a venue where you can promote your products, services, or websites... free of charge!

You can even earn from your eZine by selling ad space to other Internet marketers.

Ezines will help you build your business' brand, as well as your reputation as a knowledgeable and trustworthy member of the Internet marketing industry.

Ezines will help build relationships with your prospects. Most of your leads will buy from you based on the trust you have won from them. Build a good relationship with them and they will purchase from you rather than from other sources.

The Problems With Publishing Your Own Ezine

It may sound simple in theory, but actual practice reveals otherwise.

How many Internet marketers aren't publishing their own eZine when the benefits of this approach are too grand to dismiss?

How many Internet marketers promise to deliver an eZine, but what the subscribers receive are mini-sales-pages-in-an-email, each and every day of the week?

How many Internet marketers actually attempt to distribute an eZine, but they experience an unsubscribe rate that is almost as high (or as low) as their number of subscriptions?

Publishing an eZine is a science. It's not as easy as 1-2-3. You have to learn many intricacies about the process. This science is not something that you can learn overnight. Sometimes, the smallest detail can mean the success or failure of your email marketing campaign.

For example, did you know that the delivery date of your eZine will play a huge role in determining your open and conversion rates?

Did you know that you can earn from your eZine in many different ways, aside from the direct sales you can fetch from your content?

Did you know that you can use your eZine to build your status as an expert in a certain field of study, but if you proceed the wrong way, you might earn more distrust than faith?

Publishing an eZine is a science, and if you want only to proceed with this undertaking, your business will be at risk of encountering many dangers.

You need a crash course on how to properly and efficiently publish your own eZine.


The Ezine Publisher's Manual

Everything You Need To Know About Creating Profit-Pulling Digital Newsletters!

This is the first guide ever written on how to publish your own eZine from scratch. This eBook is a comprehensive guide that will take you by the hand and show you the many great things that can be accomplished with your own newsletter.

Just take a look at what you can expect to find inside:

Learn why publishing your own digital newsletter will open the gateways of profit for your online business.

Discover the many, many, many ways by which you can earn from your eZine. Each monetizing strategy will provide for you a separate income stream. Implement them all and you'll have for yourself a tidal wave of earnings from many different sources!

Uncover the one secret that can make or break your email marketing campaign... even before you can start with the process.

Master the fundamentals of eZine creation and publishing. Know the strategies that successful eZine publishers employ, much to their success.

Know how to write for an online audience in a manner that will make them more responsive to what you have to say.

Learn the three factors that will ensure the success of your eZine as well as the methods you can use to guarantee that each factor will be optimized for your business' benefit.

Learn a number of advanced strategies that will surely increase the number of your subscribers as well as the response rate you are able to derive from your mailing list.

Discover how you can make your subscribers happy and how you can condition their minds to say yes even before you deliver your offer.

Publishing your own eZine will also require thorough knowledge on the many aspects of Internet marketing. The Ezine Publisher's Manual has got you covered on this one as well.

You don't know anything about affiliate marketing? The eBook has a concise discussion on the things that you should know about this moneymaking opportunity.

You don't know anything about selling advertising space? The eBook will show you how much you can charge and where you can source out some advertisers.

You don't know jack about autoresponders? The eBook will teach you how they work and why you need them.

All of these, and so much more, are presented in easy-to-understand language, with some novel features that you seldom find in any eBook on the market today. You will have access to exclusive graphs and charts for easy reference. You will be able to learn the things that the Ezine Publisher's Manual will teach and how they can be applied in practice through a series of case studies on each and every lesson that will be taught.

If you want to turn your online business around, then you need to publish your own eZine.

And if you want the best possible eZine for your subscribers, this eBook is a must for your learning experience.

The Ezine Publisher's Manual
Everything You Need To Know About Creating Profit-Pulling Digital Newsletters

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