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Your sales tactics are a shame

powerful calls to action that can
Dramatically increase your profit rate

If You Aren't Doing EVERYTHING Possible To Improve Your Marketing...
Your Sales Tactics Are A Shame!

A Collection of Powerful, Proven Sales-Boosting Strategies Can Turn Your Disappointing Material Into
A Moneymaking Machine!

If You Aren't Using Every Possible Tool At Your Disposal,
You Aren't Doing Your Job.

Dear Friend,

Awesome market research. Spectacular product creation. Impeccable design. You have it all... But something's wrong. Your product isn't selling the way it should. Numbers are lower than anticipated and what you had hoped would be the "next big thing" for you is rapidly looking more and more like it only has an outside shot at breaking even.

What's the problem? Where did you go wrong?

Even if you are a green Internet marketing newbie, you probably have at least a reasonably sound overall marketing strategy. There are hundreds of ways to approach Internet sales, and as long as you are using a proven master plan, you should be able to see results. It might make sense to blame your overall scheme, but that probably isn't the real problem.

You know you did your homework and you believe in the product. Everything is up and running just like it should be. So, what is happening? Why can't you manage those impressive sales figures the "other guys" seem to manage with ease?

Let's find the answer.

If you are in the Internet marketing business, you have one chief priority: sales. Everything else is secondary to convincing people to buy your product. If they aren't buying, nothing else matters.

That's so obvious that it doesn't seem worth mentioning, but that simple observation can get lost in the shuffle. We look for new gadgets, gizmos, plans, strategies, and angles and we often lose focus on the one thing that really matters. Sales.

Sales. That should be your guiding principle with every move you make and every plan you implement.

Realizing the critical importance of producing sales gives you the chance to direct all of your thoughts and actions toward maximum profits. It provides clarity that will allow you to isolate important signals despite all of the surrounding marketing noise. If you are interested in making money online, you will soon learn that everything you do should be inspired by the desire to improve sales. You should be asking yourself, every step of the way, if each of the actions you are taking serves that goal. If it doesn't, it probably isn't worth your time.

Sales. That must be your priority.

That priority creates a responsibility. It means that in order to best help yourself you need to develop a determined and intense outlook. You need to do everything you can to milk every last sale out of your marketing materials. Once you get back to basics and focus on improving sales at every turn, you won't leave any rock unturned. You won't allow any opportunity to escape. You will be 100% committed to doing everything in your power to increase the likelihood of a sale at every turn.

You'll finally be marketing with an attitude. And you'll love the results.

So, let's approach the big question again with sales first and foremost in your mind.

What is the problem? Why isn't your product jumping off of virtual shelves into the eager hands of customers? Where did you go wrong?

If you're being honest with yourself, you have probably figured out the answer.

If you're like most Internet marketers, you have probably strayed off the sales path somewhere along the line. You became distracted with a new bell or whistle. You started focusing too much on little additions that don't clearly translate into sales. You've been spending too much time concentrating on matters other than your bottom line.

If you haven't done everything possible to maximize sales at every turn, your sales tactics are a shame.

That's the bad news. You've missed opportunities by allowing your focus to wander. You're suffering because of it. Sales aren't matching your expectations.
Fortunately, you can do something about it. You can reorient yourself and develop a hunger for sales that will never be completely satisfied. You can get serious about squeezing every last sale from every bit of virtual real estate you use. You can imbue every one of your keystrokes with sales-producing power.

Your sales tactics are a shame, but it doesn't have to be that way.
You can fix it.
You can turn it around right now.

Your Sales Tactics are a Shame! is designed to help you transform your thinking while simultaneously providing you with a series of insights that will direct your new profit-oriented approach.

Your Sales Tactics are a Shame! is concerned with one thing and one thing only--showing you how to make your marketing strategy result in actual sales.
This isn't a "motivational" book, although it will motivate you to take positive actions to improve your performance. It is a "nuts and bolts" look at several, often overlooked, ways to increase sales. It's there to point you in the right direction as you seek out ways to get the most from everything you do.

At fifty pages, Your Sales Tactics are a Shame! isn't a tiny report filled with platitudes and hype. It's a solid look at real ways you can direct your newfound, or rediscovered, passion for results.

Your Sales Tactics are a Shame! features powerful lessons on a host of important sales related topics. Each lesson will provide you with a concrete direction while simultaneously inspiring you to new and creative sales strategies. This one-of-a-kind look at Internet marketing is...

*A direct, honest approaches to improving sales in a number of different ways. Your Sales Tactics are a Shame! doesn't insult your intelligence with oversimplified examinations of just a few topics. Nor does it overload you with unnecessary details and arcane trivia. It's an honest guidebook offering real advice and direction.

*A wide-ranging piece covering sales improvement techniques in five different general categories. Your Sales Tactics are a Shame! covers the big picture skills you'll need to direct your strategies, on-page techniques for improving sales that you may have overlooked, proven ways of increasing the effectiveness of your sales materials, tips and information about how to produce winning marketing copy, and a look at how you can harness the power of outside forces to help produce sales.

*A guide that keeps its eye on the ball. You'll notice a consistent theme running through every information-rich page of Your Sales Tactics are a Shame! It begins with the simple premise we explored here and never strays from that single essential priority. Your Sales Tactics are a Shame! is about creating sales. It's about getting every possible sale you can-- every day in every possible way.
Your Sales Tactics are a Shame! is an unbeatable way to improve your performance at every turn as you fight for every available sale like never before.

Let's look at just a few of the subjects Your Sales Tactics are a Shame! tackles:
*Lessons from Aristotle. That's right, the ancient Greeks have something to say about Internet marketing. Don't be worried, this will be more fun than any ancient history class and it will provide you with some basic truths about marketing that you can use to formulate winning sales messages regardless of the product.

*Catching new waves. Your Sales Tactics are a Shame! isn't concerned solely with the old approaches. Sure, it might take a look at Aristotle, but it also moves forward, including recommendations regarding future changes in online user expectations and usage need to sell today and well into the future and this guide is there to help.

*Building irresistible pitches. You have sales letters in place, but the numbers just aren't there for you. The micro-problem could be in any one of many places. Your Sales Tactics are a Shame! examines a series of potential flash points and shows how a few simple adjustments, additions or changes might be the difference between ongoing disappointment and massive income. Learn how to make the right changes to your sales pages for maximum impact.

*Producing better pages. You'll understand what works and why. Along the way, you will learn what you might be doing wrong and how to fix some common, often nearly invisible problems that can be the cause of shamefully low sales figures.
Obviously, that's not all you are going to find in Your Sales Tactics are a Shame! This robust guide gives you a surplus of powerful information. Things like:

Writing the strongest possible closings for your sales letters.

Bringing the power of viral marketing to your sales tactics.

Using color to enhance sales and appearance.

Choosing and displaying testimonials that really work in your marketing materials.

Using bonuses to promote sales.

Handling payment processing with an eye toward boosting profits.

Using fine print techniques to bolster your credibility.

Taking care of your affiliates to encourage through-the-roof sales.

Creating an irresistible sense of urgency that will compel people to buy.
and Much, Much More...

Ask yourself a simple question right now.

Are you doing everything you possible can to get every last sale?

If you hesitated for a moment or had to reluctantly answer with a "no,"
you need Your Sales Tactics are a Shame!

Pursuing every last sale is critical to your success.

It's your responsibility as a marketer to find every possible way to boost sales figures.

Your Sales Tactics are a Shame! gives you valuable information to turn potential into cash.

Today, I'm offering this powerful new ebook for only:


Today, you are disappointed. You have a product, a plan and a lot of hard work that isn't paying off. Every day continues that same frustrating grind.

It's time to put an end to that ongoing disappointment. It's time to finally get the maximum possible return on your investment and energy.

It's time to stop feeling frustrated about those weak numbers and to immediately increase your sales.

It's time for Your Sales Tactics are a Shame!


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